RCTI Online Tv Live Streaming


RCTI is Indonesia's first private television station. RCTI first aired on 13 November 1988 and inaugurated August 24, 1989 and at that time, RCTI broadcasts can only be captured by a customer who has a decoder and pay dues each month. RCTI dekodernya release in late 1989. RCTI government allowed free broadcasting nationally since 1990 but recently materialized in late 1991 after making RCTI Bandung on May 1, 1991. In 2004 the television station RCTI, including in Indonesia. Since October 2003, RCTI owned by Media Nusantara Citra, a group that also has a media company Global TV and MNCTV.

RCTI Online Live Streaming is the most appropriate solution to be able to watch Rcti which is a national private TV station owned by MNC Group. As a national private TV RCTI must always strive to present interesting treats for the viewers. Among the many programs Rcti get a high rating from AC Nielsen, among others:

  •      Sports program
  •      Music program [Strikes RCTI or X Factor Indonesia]
  •      Programs Reality Show
  •      Soap opera program
The flagship event programs, of course, is awaited by the viewers. Many TV viewers who willing Stand up so as not to miss their favorite programs.

With the help of the internet technology, now we do not have to worry anymore miss his favorite program on the condition have a stable internet connection. The faster your connection is stable and then we will be presented with the shows that are very indulgent without being interrupted by buffering problems.
RCTI Live Streaming Online to be the only solution that can solve the curiosity of viewers who do not want to miss a favorite program. Congratulations Watching RCTI Live Streaming Online